Request for Volunteers Areas of Service

  1. Someone to make sure our grounds are maintained in the beautiful condition we’ve come to expect
  2. Someone to make sure our building is maintained and to coordinate the projects that, from time-to-time, are necessary along those lines.
  3. Someone to coordinate our small groups, which would involve visiting the various groups; knowing who is in each group; knowing what their focus is; helping new people to connect; and serving as a resource for connection and service among the groups.
  4. Someone to implement and coordinate a welcoming ministry to reach out to visitors and new arrivals and to help them find places to connect within our body.
  5. Someone to coordinate congregational fellowship events, potlucks, projects, and recreational opportunities
  6. Someone to coordinate the various areas of media communications, including our website, audio-visual communications, equipment, advertising, etc.
  7. Someone to coordinate Women’s Ministries which includes classes, Bible studies, events, meal trains, and other service opportunities.