Our congregation is shepherded by a group of qualified and called men. These are the men charged with overseeing the local flock (the church body).

John Borrelli
Lane Ormerod
David St. Martin
Michael Truan

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Ministry Staff

Preaching Minister

Jeb Bristow-Hanna

Jeb has served as the preacher at C.K. since the fall of 2012 with his wife, Priscilla & four children: Liam, River, Eleanor & Gabriel.  Jeb is a gifted speaker who focuses on loving our people at C.K. to be with them and help them walk through all major aspects and transitions of life. He enjoys spending time with his family, talking with his wife in the morning over a cup of coffee, laughing with friends and strangers, fishing, bike riding, camping, road trips, motorcycles, Dr. Pepper, Nachos & Star Wars.

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Youth Minister

Jacob Hamm
Jacob Hamm

I have served as the Youth Minister at Central Kitsap since 2012 with my wife, Kimber, and two children: Olivia & Harrison aged 4 and 1.  I am primarily focused on the spiritual development of Teens aged 11-18 through teaching, event planning and attendance, encouraging, devotionals, and community building.  I strive to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the youth group, but plan my classes and small groups around the concepts of discipleship.  I am passionate about music, and play numerous instruments at home and with a hobby band.  I also enjoy reading, fitness, photography, cycling, and coffee with friends and family.

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Support Staff

Office Administrator

Lesli Stidman-Carpenter Portrait
Lesli Stidman-Carpenter

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The word translated "Deacon" in the new testament simply means, servant. Deacons are men willing to serve and who have been chosen by the congregation to carry out specific administrative tasks. This frees the Eldership to shepherd the congregation. The following serve in that regard and have been deemed by those they serve to have met the qualifications outlined in the New Testament.

Gary Enriquez: Administration
Gary McArthur: Senior Care/Facilities
David Nance: Worship
Nick Ormerod: Treasurer/Grounds
Robert Pusey: Outreach

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