Building Life Group

  • The CK Church Building Life Group meets on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month from 6:00-7:30 PM. This Life Group serves two purposes. The first is to develop a close knit community of those who regularly meet. The second purpose is to act as a welcoming ambassador to any visitors or members who desire to worship at the building on Sunday night. For that reason, the Lords Supper is available to anyone who desires to take communion on Sunday evening. The group is focused on spiritual enrichment of the regular members, but is concerned with the health & well being of the congregation as a whole.

    A typical group meeting begins with a light meal, continues with light hearted sharing time, progresses into a meaningful spiritual discussion, and concludes with a “Needs” based call for prayer. Even though the formal group meeting ends at 7:30 PM, fellowship often continues until 8:00 PM.

    Meals range from simple finger foods to the occasional full fledged potluck. “Sharing Time” is intended to provide a forum to discover “Whats New” in each other lives. “Meaningful Discussion” includes Bible topics, Current Congregational Issues, and Outside Books. “Needs Based Call for Prayer” focuses our attention on the “Joys & Hurts” each of us are experiencing.

    The Focus of the group is to become more caring by spending quality time together in as group setting, as well as staying in close touch with one another the rest of the week. Journaling is one method we are trying, to develop and maintain close ties with one another. By recording each other needs and our responses, we find that regular prayer and communication is enhanced.

    Another focus of the group is to be Service Minded. The group desires to serve the needs of the congregation, especially the elderly. Visitation, Fellowship, & Friendship are the specific methods of service employed by this group. Other opportunities to help are also pursued on a case by case basis.

    Central Kitsap Church of Christ

    11898 Central Valley Road
    Poulsbo, WA 98370
    Phone: 360-692-4900